WIFI Solutions

Wi-Fi has become a normal part of everyday life, at work, in the home, at the coffee shop or even in the park. So often we set up our mobile devices to connect to Wi-Fi whenever it is available. Wi-Fi is the norm now and we realize the importance of a reliable Wi-Fi connection in day-to-day life.

Lan.lk provides the best Wi-Fi solutions in Sri Lanka. We are one of the leading Wi-Fi Solutions providers in Sri Lanka now, garnering high-level expertise in Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi installation and Wi-Fi support.

Highly trained Wi-Fi technicians from lan.lk are always game for prompt Wi-Fi support, whether it be Wi-Fi installation at your new Office, or a problem with your new Wi-Fi router or it be troubleshooting connection and speed problems of that Hotel Wi-Fi setup of yours. When it comes to anything regarding Wi-Fi at your place, right from Wi-Fi installation or wireless router setup to troubleshooting connection problems, the responsibility is all ours. We leave no leaves unturned when it comes to Wi-Fi support.

Being the top Enterprise Wi-Fi Network provider in Sri Lanka, We work closely with the best hardware manufacturers and industry experts to provide you the best Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions. Our expertise in Wi-Fi industry has always come handy in setting up Enterprise Wi-Fi networks that ensures high-level reliability and 24/7 uninterrupted connectivity. Also lan.lk provide Wi-Fi services all at very reasonable rates.

WiFi solutions and support for any type or size business, enterprise, or public organisation:
  • From one to multiple wireless access points
  • Small to large venues
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Scale to large capacity hi-performance WiFi
  • Safe public WiFi integration