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IP-PBX System

IP-PBX System is innovative product utilizes the VOIP technologies which enables the customers to harvest the benefit of IT development on the communication requirement enables the customers to reap the benefit of cost reduction and innovative service provisioning. Fennix provides 3 types of IP-PBX, ‘3CX’ brand IP-PBX along with mobile and PC clients, in house developed IP-PBX and ‘Flying Voice’ Wi-Fi IP-PBX solution. Fennix has in-house built IP-PBX solution customized for various industry specific applications such as call centres, hospitality, health care government and corporate.


Fennix is the exclusive distributor for FlyingVoice Ip-Phones and other VOIP solutions in SriLanka. Fennix provides best in Industry and innovative wired and Wi-Fi IP-Phone units. The IP-PHONEs are available in huge range from basic model suitbale for small business to Multiple Line Wi-Fi IP-PHONEs for complex business needs. All IP-PHONes are reliable state of the art prodcuts. Some ranges have color display and wi-fi inbuilt enable them to support and can be deployed at any industry specific requirement.


Information security became the top most priority in the business world. Fennix team experienced in this domain delivers the best security solutions on the areas of Network Security design, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing along with services such as Security Audit, awareness session and Training. Team use the high end sophisticated tools and techniques to cater the services and the team comprises members of 12+ years of experience in this domain and they would be the best fit for your needs.

IT Outsourcing

Fennix undertake the whole IT service of the companies and acts as the virtual IT department for any size of the business. This is very beneficial to SMEs as fennix provides the highly skilled team of IT GURUs at a very affordable cost and take care all the IT requirements at the fraction of the real cost and can use the Fennix’s multiple years of experience in all aspects of IT areas, namely server management network deployment, management, monitoring, security, communication solutions, database management, information security, website management and firewalls.


We are World class technology provders to enable the supply of innovative solutions to the customers.

Fennix global started as a BPO provider in 2006 now expanded to various industries and became successful in acquiring and retaining some of the top class customers across the world. Fennix provides innovative, reliable and best in its class products and services to its customers. The customer base mostly located in the Northern American region while the base almost covers the entire globe. Fennnix has one-stop solution for all the ICT needs to satisfy the customers irrespective of the size of the customer business reach and the operation or the complexity.

The main functional areas are but not limited to IP-PBX communication Solutions, IT Outsourcing, Network, Wi-Fi soltuions, cloud services, information security, Home automation, IT-Audit and corporate trainings. The industries fennix covers are all corporates, SMEs, call centers, apartments, educational institutions, universities, Hospitals and Hotel industry.

Fennix partnered with some of the world class technology providers to enable the supply of innovative solutions to the customers. At Fennix all customers get the top priority and our team understood the value of customer business and provide the immediate and proper service to enable the business continuity and covers from all type of interruptions.

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Exclusive Distributor in Srilanka
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Exclusive Distributor in Srilanka
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Exclusive Distributor in Srilanka
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Exclusive Distributor in Srilanka

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