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To provide our customers with innovative and reliable ICT products and services and be the preferred total ICT solutions provider

About Us

Fennix Global (Pvt) started as a BPO provider in 2006 now expanded to various industries and became successful in acquiring and retaining some of the top class customers across the world. Fennix provides innovative, reliable and best in its class products and services to its customers. The customer base mostly located in the Northern American region while the base almost covers the entire globe. Fennnix has one-stop solution for all the ICT needs to satisfy the customers irrespective of the size of the customer business reach and the operation or the complexity.

The main functional areas are but not limited to IP-PBX communication Solutions, IT Outsourcing, Network, Wi-Fi soltuions, cloud services, information security, Home automation, IT-Audit  and corporate trainings. The industries fennix covers are all corporates, SMEs, call centers, apartments, educational institutions, universities, Hospitals and Hotel industry.

Fennix partnered with some of the world class technology providers to enable the supply of innovative solutions to the customers. At Fennix all customers get the top priority and our team understood the value of customer business and provide the immediate and proper service to enable the business continuity and covers from all type of interruptions.

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